Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Priorities, man!

So hockey season started last week.  Like many men north of the US-Canada border, I've been busy preparing for this new season.  Tomorrow night is going to be the season opener for my favorite team, The Montréal Canadiens.  I had prepared for a small social gathering to watch it on my widecreen in HD, with beer and a few chips and pretzels.  But I just got a call that changed my plans.

It's never a good thing when your mother asks you to give her a lift to the hospital.  My mother lives with my sister, so when she calls me to get help, I know it's either serious (I believe she prefers my calm over my sister's hysteria when it comes to bad news) or it's very serious.  So when I got the call, a few minutes ago, I didn't hesitate to cancel my party, a night that would have been great fun with friends, to help the woman who gave me life and more importantly, who was always there for me when I needed it.

I'm not writing this to get praised, I believe one shouldn't consider this an accomplishment to help those you love, but because I thought it was a prime example of what being a real man is : being there to help and support those you love and need you.
I love you mom.


  1. My friends are great too. Upon cancelling the event, they all wished my mom the best of luck and proposed to come to my place tonight to do something else instead.
    They are the ones who deserve praises.

  2. Good form, 'ol chap!

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