Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Priorities, man!

So hockey season started last week.  Like many men north of the US-Canada border, I've been busy preparing for this new season.  Tomorrow night is going to be the season opener for my favorite team, The MontrĂ©al Canadiens.  I had prepared for a small social gathering to watch it on my widecreen in HD, with beer and a few chips and pretzels.  But I just got a call that changed my plans.

It's never a good thing when your mother asks you to give her a lift to the hospital.  My mother lives with my sister, so when she calls me to get help, I know it's either serious (I believe she prefers my calm over my sister's hysteria when it comes to bad news) or it's very serious.  So when I got the call, a few minutes ago, I didn't hesitate to cancel my party, a night that would have been great fun with friends, to help the woman who gave me life and more importantly, who was always there for me when I needed it.

I'm not writing this to get praised, I believe one shouldn't consider this an accomplishment to help those you love, but because I thought it was a prime example of what being a real man is : being there to help and support those you love and need you.
I love you mom.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Follow-up on your input 2

(This is the second and last part about the Alpha Men the readers suggested.)

George Patton

Not really an Alpha Male per say.  Patton was a great athlete and a good military leader, but he didn't accept criticism or jokes about him and had a flashy personnality to attract more attention.  His job in the army seemed to be more important to him than anything else and that's not a good thing.

Sean Connery as James Bond

To me, Connery's Bond was not the greatest Bond.  In those movies, Bond was not as suave and smooth as Brosnan, not as strong and agile as Craig, hit women, smoked, wasn't the smartest and was kind of lucky sometimes.  I know this will irate some people, but the best James Bond to me will always be Pierce Brosnan.

Chuck Norris
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Both actors achieved personnal success in their domain before becoming actors.  Chuck was a martial art specialist who won so many international competitions that in 1969, he won Karate's triple crown.  Arnold was a bodybuilding master, winning Mr. Olympia 7 times, holding the record as the youngest Mr. Olympia winner to this day.  He was also a succesful business man, becoming a millionaire well before starting his Hollywood carrer.  While both started with roles in mindless action movies, Arnold became a huge movie star even though his dramatic talent was somewhat limited.  Chuck, for his part, had a beard.
Their political views, although similar as they are both Republicans, are somewhat opposed.  Arnold is more liberal and Chuck is a lot more conservative.  All in all, I'd say without hesitation that Arnold is Alpha, but I would have my reserve on calling Chuck Norris as Alpha, especially now that he's retired from the Hollywood scene and that age made him a regular chuch-attending citizen.  Arnold, however, is the Governator.  Again, very Alpha in my opinion.

Sam Elliott
Bruce Lee
Mark Whalberg

Again, Hollywood actors that have a lot of Alpha features and deserves the Alpha title.  Elliott was a badass, but didn't achive the same success as Clint Eastwood or other great western movie stars.  Lee was a martial art master who died too young and Whalberg is still in his prime.  Great people, great men.

Vladimir Putin

I was surprized to see Putin in the list.  However, he can't be considered Alpha.  A political leader responsible for the Chechen massacre cannot be considered anything else than a ruthless tyrant.  Furthermore, political freedom in Russia is almost non existant and corruption has increased during his years as President.  Putin is intelligent and strong, but it takes more than that to be Alpha.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Follow-up on your input

So I let you time to answer my little trivia and today is the time to answer you.

First, let's see the answers.

Chuck Norris
Arnold Schwartzenegger
Sam Elliot
Steve McQueen
Clint Eastwood (x2)
Bruce Lee
Sean Connery as Bond
Vladimir Putin
Mark Whalberg
King HenryVIII
George Patton

King Henry VIII

Let's start with King Henry VIII just because it's unlikely in a blog about being an Alpha male to stumble upon the name of someone known as an "egotistical, harsh and insecure king1".  However, Henry was also known for better reasons, notably for having separated the Church from the State and confronting the Pope, having 6 wives, 2 of which he had beheaded and when he was younger, he was known as a handsome and intelligent man.  So, Alpha or not?
Well, he was a King.  Even if I don't like it, being King is as Alpha as it gets, unless you use that power to just do nothing and feed yourself to death.  Henry did manage to increase the power of his Kingdom, forge alliances and secure his own authority.  He also was quite popular with the lady, be it because he was the King or because he was handsome and charming, it doesn't really matter, as ladies will always be attracted to power.  So yes, Henry VIII was Alpha, for the first part of his life.  Probably power corrupted him, maybe he just became lazy, but as he grew older, he lost his charm, his image suffered and he wasn'T quite as alpha.  So let's remember the better part of his life for our purpose.

Clint Eastwood

You can't ignore the pure tertosterone that this guy exhales.  Want badass?  Want intelligence and finesse?  Want talent as an actor and director?  Or maybe you're just looking at his characters (Dirty Harry, numerous cowboys he played, the old grunt from Gran Torino or the special agent in "On the Line of Fire") and thinking: "Wow, this is a real man, not a fucking pussy".  Well, it turns out Clint Eastwood has become a wise man too, and learning new life lessons as you grow older is a sign of intelligence.  Check this article about him and you'll see that Mr. Eastwood is a real Alpha Man in real life as he was in his movies.

(I will continue in the next post later today.)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Your input - Alpha men you know

Today, I want you to tell me who you think is an Alpha man, either in real life, in fiction or in the past.  It must be someone famous enough for wikipedia to have a page about him.  Don't tell me your brother is Alpha, I won't be able to comment.  What I'll do next is I'll explain their weknesses and why they are Alpha or not.  Please incluse your opinion about them too, and don't hesitate to comment on other's choices.  My next post will be about the best suggestions from comments.

Here are the 2 that came to mind while writing this post :
Han Solo.  A bit of a jerk, but he has enough self-confidence to boost the morale of anyone around him.  Great leader, courageous, able to love even if he's probably the kind to get all the girls he wants and capable of putting himself at risk to jelp his friends.  His biggest flaw : he's a criminal running from both the law and Jabba.

Muhammad Ali.  One of the greatest fighter in history.  Self-confident, strong, powerful, the emblem of superiority for his time.  He had more courage in the daily life to oppose the military than he ever needed in the ring.  He fought for his brothers, he had style and grace.  His biggest flaw?  He wasn't always nice with his wife...

Who else is/was Alpha in your opinion?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stay fit !

Lions.  You want to be like lions.

You want to be strong, agile, fierce and dominant.

The mental part, the attitude, is the complicated part.  We will be putting A LOT of emphasis on that, but meanwhile, you, my friends, need to keep in shape.  Ever seen a fat person and think to yourself : Wow!  What an amazing body!  That person must be awesome in bed/sports/whatever physical activity?  Be honest.  It may seem shallow, hell, it probably is, but we like and admire fit bodies.  Most people admire physical strenght, speed and stamina.  In all fairness, we all appreciate a person who's able to follow a certain lifestyle without having to take a break every few steps.

It is your duty to have the best body you can have.  You should treat your body the way you want your lady to treat hers.  You want to be with thin and fit ladies?  Offer the same.  You like chubby ones?  Then by all means, go for it, be chubby yourself.  We all know people tend to associate with others who ressemble them.  There's a movie, "She's out of my league", where a guy gets to go out with the perfect girl, even though he's not a great looking guy, has a crappy job and no great social skills.  It's a movie!  In real life, these things rarely happen.

You need to be as fit, as strong and as great as you can be physically in order to attract the equivalent-looking ladies.  Expect to attract what you are.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Alpha, not jerk

Short post today, because this one should be self explanatory.  An Alpha male is not a jerk.  Act like a jerk and you'll be treated badly.  Behind your back, people will say bad things, your reputation will be shattered.  The reason why we are putting this simple lesson forward is because many people tend to think that Alpha males are dominant, so they can pretty much boss people around and act as they please.

Wrong.  Alpha men need not be dominant by giving people orders or bossing people around with rude manners.  Alpha men lead the way, with all that is good about leadership.  They inspire people, people will not only be willing to follow them, they will also look for Alpha men to lead them to greater things.

We will be talking about leadership in a post soon.  I know this post is a bit shallow, but I wanted to establish the difference very clearly before we go deeper.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Title says it all.  It's important to have a clean act, but it's also important to have a clean appearance, a well-kept place and an organized workspace.

Everything you do must give the impression that you are organized, clean, refined.

Being well organized will help you be more efficient, thus be more productive.  It shows power, as organized people are also the ones that you would trust to manage anything of importance.

Being neat shows a self-respect that attracts respect from others.  It's so much easier to push away a dirty homeless asking for change than a wealthy well-dressed man asking the same thing!  People will be more inclined to believe you if you look handsome, is your clothes are ironed, if you smell nice and if you look like you care about being in a clean and healthy environment.

Now, you want people to believe in you.  Being Alpha is about being the one people expect to take charge and they won't give that trust to a guy that's always messy, unshaved and poorly organized.

Clean everything about you and your environment.  You want to impress a lady, bring her to a clean house or appartment, have a set of freshly ironed sheets in your bed, a well-organized fridge when she'll go for a midnight snack after your fun.  It seems a bit exagerated?  Do the opposite, you may never see heragain.

Tidy up your office or desk or wherever you work.  Always carry an agenda, it will help you stay organized and it's a sign of power.  You can have a smart-phone instead, studies show that the Apple Iphone is more likely to get you laid that other smart-phones!

Finally, but most importantly, stay clean.  Everywhere!  Guys, we can't stress enough the importance of being in total control of your body odors here!  Shower each morning, have clipped fingernails, well-groomed hair, nice-looking clothes.  You know it's the stuff others look at when they judge you on first looks and first impressions are always very important.  You want to show you're Alpha, even to strangers.

Alpha to the core.  Dressed appropriately.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The right attitude.

People sometimes ask if being an Alpha male is the same as being a player, a guy who will date and sleep with many women, pick up girls in bars and have casual sex with them, etc.  There's a huge difference between being Alpha and being a player.  The main difference is, of course, that a player does not need to take responsability for his action.  If he fails, he choses a new target and forgets about the previous one.  Alpha male are responsible for their actions.  While an Alpha male may be able to pick up women easily and change partners on a aily basis, he will do it whitout lying, without playing a role.  If the woman he choses is interested in the same thing as him, casual encounters without geting too involved, it's ok, but he won't lie to a girl to make her believe that their is love involved only to bed her.

The difference, in other words, is the level of responsability Alpha males take for their actions.  In our example, we differenciate them from players, but it's the same for anything an Alpha man does.  Being Alpha is all about not needing to play a role or hiding behind others.  It's about being the one people look after to take charge, because he is the one generally right, generally in control and always true to himself and others.

Being Alpha is about being a true leader, not playing a role.  The idea behind this blod is not to teach you tricks so you can play a role, but teach you tricks so you can change your personnality and be a true leader.

Get the right attitude first.  Take responsability for everything you have done, everything you do and everything you will do.  This means start acting true to yourself.  No lying, no hiding behind others.

You see what we did here?  If you can't hide, there's a good possibility that you just saif to yourself : Oh, I can't do this or that if I can't lie about it.  Now you have a choice.  Take responsability if you do it, or don't do it.  Remember, being Alpha is all about being, not playing a role.

Is it time for you to make a few changes in your attitude or will you keep on hiding?

Monday, August 30, 2010

The meaning of being Alpha

The question that comes to mind when we talk about being alpha is "What is Alpha exactly?"

Some think it's being nice-looking, others put the physical power in second after the leadership.  Others, however, will consider anyone with enough sex-appeal as an alpha male.  All these answers are partly right.

In nature, the alpha male is the leader, the strongest and often biggest male in the pack.  Take wolves for example.  The Alpha wolf will eat first, mate with alpha females while others will have to mate with the other females, eat after the alpha and submit to their dominance or be outcasts. 

Is it really that different in humans?  Well, yes, of course.  Nerds get all the hot chicks, geeks are always cheered when they enter a crowded place and mathletes are always the first invivted to parties, right?  Well, no.  Jocks get the hotties.  Why?  They are not the smartest, but they have the self-confidence that attract girls because they are told how cool and hot they are all the times.

So how can this website help if you're a geek/nerd/reject?
You don't have the physical attributes of a football player?  You don't have the looks of Brad Pitt?
Maybe you have the brains to learn how to attract girls however.  Our society is different in that of animals by the simple fact that we are smarter.  We can lear to change the way we are, the way we act, the way people think of us.
Any normal guy can learn a few skills, use a few tricks and make some changes to not only become an alpha male, but to change the way people look at you.  Stop being the beta guy that gets second-rated girls.  Get the 10s.

So what is Alpha?  Simply put, anyone able to get what he wants.  Girl, job or pack, you need to take charge, lead the way and be in control.  That, my friends, is being Alpha.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wow! What a race ending!

I know Nascar's Canadian Tire series isn'T very pretigious, but you gotta admire the grit of young Ranger who pulled of a reversal in the last turn to win the Montreal race today!

See the video here:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The first step to being alpha is...

Be happy.
Simple, isn't it?

Not quite so?  Then this simple chart can help you.  It's just a teaser, don't get all excited about what I can do or can't for you judging by this, but be aware that if you don't understand the great wisdom behind this easy to understand image, then you can't learn the rules of an Alpha male.

Time to be the Alpha male you always wanted to be!

In this blog, I'll teach you all to be as awesome a man as you can be.

I will provide you with videos, texts, images and basically everything I can to help you achieve your potential.

You are a lady?  Then this blog will help you understand how we are, how we think and what we want.  It's as much a ressource for you as for us.

Please remember that the ads are there for you to get important ressources from fine companies, so don't hesitate to visit my sponsors.