Thursday, September 2, 2010

The right attitude.

People sometimes ask if being an Alpha male is the same as being a player, a guy who will date and sleep with many women, pick up girls in bars and have casual sex with them, etc.  There's a huge difference between being Alpha and being a player.  The main difference is, of course, that a player does not need to take responsability for his action.  If he fails, he choses a new target and forgets about the previous one.  Alpha male are responsible for their actions.  While an Alpha male may be able to pick up women easily and change partners on a aily basis, he will do it whitout lying, without playing a role.  If the woman he choses is interested in the same thing as him, casual encounters without geting too involved, it's ok, but he won't lie to a girl to make her believe that their is love involved only to bed her.

The difference, in other words, is the level of responsability Alpha males take for their actions.  In our example, we differenciate them from players, but it's the same for anything an Alpha man does.  Being Alpha is all about not needing to play a role or hiding behind others.  It's about being the one people look after to take charge, because he is the one generally right, generally in control and always true to himself and others.

Being Alpha is about being a true leader, not playing a role.  The idea behind this blod is not to teach you tricks so you can play a role, but teach you tricks so you can change your personnality and be a true leader.

Get the right attitude first.  Take responsability for everything you have done, everything you do and everything you will do.  This means start acting true to yourself.  No lying, no hiding behind others.

You see what we did here?  If you can't hide, there's a good possibility that you just saif to yourself : Oh, I can't do this or that if I can't lie about it.  Now you have a choice.  Take responsability if you do it, or don't do it.  Remember, being Alpha is all about being, not playing a role.

Is it time for you to make a few changes in your attitude or will you keep on hiding?


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