Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stay fit !

Lions.  You want to be like lions.

You want to be strong, agile, fierce and dominant.

The mental part, the attitude, is the complicated part.  We will be putting A LOT of emphasis on that, but meanwhile, you, my friends, need to keep in shape.  Ever seen a fat person and think to yourself : Wow!  What an amazing body!  That person must be awesome in bed/sports/whatever physical activity?  Be honest.  It may seem shallow, hell, it probably is, but we like and admire fit bodies.  Most people admire physical strenght, speed and stamina.  In all fairness, we all appreciate a person who's able to follow a certain lifestyle without having to take a break every few steps.

It is your duty to have the best body you can have.  You should treat your body the way you want your lady to treat hers.  You want to be with thin and fit ladies?  Offer the same.  You like chubby ones?  Then by all means, go for it, be chubby yourself.  We all know people tend to associate with others who ressemble them.  There's a movie, "She's out of my league", where a guy gets to go out with the perfect girl, even though he's not a great looking guy, has a crappy job and no great social skills.  It's a movie!  In real life, these things rarely happen.

You need to be as fit, as strong and as great as you can be physically in order to attract the equivalent-looking ladies.  Expect to attract what you are.


  1. i recently saw a nice youtube clip where some lions attacked some guys at mgm ... lions rule in general

  2. Awesome blog man followin and supportin!

  3. 9/9 Love and Support

    Thanks for all the comments guys!

  4. completely agree, great reference to the movie, but i think he gets the girl at the end doesn't he???

  5. great advice, very interesting indeed

  6. Michael, yes, in the movie, he gets the girl. In real life, she goes out with him during her "I need a safe guy" phase, then she ditches him for the pilot. Tough luck, I'd do the same if I were her!