Friday, September 10, 2010

Your input - Alpha men you know

Today, I want you to tell me who you think is an Alpha man, either in real life, in fiction or in the past.  It must be someone famous enough for wikipedia to have a page about him.  Don't tell me your brother is Alpha, I won't be able to comment.  What I'll do next is I'll explain their weknesses and why they are Alpha or not.  Please incluse your opinion about them too, and don't hesitate to comment on other's choices.  My next post will be about the best suggestions from comments.

Here are the 2 that came to mind while writing this post :
Han Solo.  A bit of a jerk, but he has enough self-confidence to boost the morale of anyone around him.  Great leader, courageous, able to love even if he's probably the kind to get all the girls he wants and capable of putting himself at risk to jelp his friends.  His biggest flaw : he's a criminal running from both the law and Jabba.

Muhammad Ali.  One of the greatest fighter in history.  Self-confident, strong, powerful, the emblem of superiority for his time.  He had more courage in the daily life to oppose the military than he ever needed in the ring.  He fought for his brothers, he had style and grace.  His biggest flaw?  He wasn't always nice with his wife...

Who else is/was Alpha in your opinion?


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  2. dont forget ARNOLD!!

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  3. Sam Elliott in any movie. Also, Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, and Bruce Lee. Sean Connery as Bond.

  4. King Henry the 8th, eh had 8 wives and isn't afraid of anything. but on a more serious note: Vladimir Putin, hes a BA.

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  7. Clint Eastwood. The man's a badass.

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    Also, George Patton was Alpha as Fuck!
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