Monday, August 30, 2010

The meaning of being Alpha

The question that comes to mind when we talk about being alpha is "What is Alpha exactly?"

Some think it's being nice-looking, others put the physical power in second after the leadership.  Others, however, will consider anyone with enough sex-appeal as an alpha male.  All these answers are partly right.

In nature, the alpha male is the leader, the strongest and often biggest male in the pack.  Take wolves for example.  The Alpha wolf will eat first, mate with alpha females while others will have to mate with the other females, eat after the alpha and submit to their dominance or be outcasts. 

Is it really that different in humans?  Well, yes, of course.  Nerds get all the hot chicks, geeks are always cheered when they enter a crowded place and mathletes are always the first invivted to parties, right?  Well, no.  Jocks get the hotties.  Why?  They are not the smartest, but they have the self-confidence that attract girls because they are told how cool and hot they are all the times.

So how can this website help if you're a geek/nerd/reject?
You don't have the physical attributes of a football player?  You don't have the looks of Brad Pitt?
Maybe you have the brains to learn how to attract girls however.  Our society is different in that of animals by the simple fact that we are smarter.  We can lear to change the way we are, the way we act, the way people think of us.
Any normal guy can learn a few skills, use a few tricks and make some changes to not only become an alpha male, but to change the way people look at you.  Stop being the beta guy that gets second-rated girls.  Get the 10s.

So what is Alpha?  Simply put, anyone able to get what he wants.  Girl, job or pack, you need to take charge, lead the way and be in control.  That, my friends, is being Alpha.