Saturday, September 18, 2010

Follow-up on your input 2

(This is the second and last part about the Alpha Men the readers suggested.)

George Patton

Not really an Alpha Male per say.  Patton was a great athlete and a good military leader, but he didn't accept criticism or jokes about him and had a flashy personnality to attract more attention.  His job in the army seemed to be more important to him than anything else and that's not a good thing.

Sean Connery as James Bond

To me, Connery's Bond was not the greatest Bond.  In those movies, Bond was not as suave and smooth as Brosnan, not as strong and agile as Craig, hit women, smoked, wasn't the smartest and was kind of lucky sometimes.  I know this will irate some people, but the best James Bond to me will always be Pierce Brosnan.

Chuck Norris
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Both actors achieved personnal success in their domain before becoming actors.  Chuck was a martial art specialist who won so many international competitions that in 1969, he won Karate's triple crown.  Arnold was a bodybuilding master, winning Mr. Olympia 7 times, holding the record as the youngest Mr. Olympia winner to this day.  He was also a succesful business man, becoming a millionaire well before starting his Hollywood carrer.  While both started with roles in mindless action movies, Arnold became a huge movie star even though his dramatic talent was somewhat limited.  Chuck, for his part, had a beard.
Their political views, although similar as they are both Republicans, are somewhat opposed.  Arnold is more liberal and Chuck is a lot more conservative.  All in all, I'd say without hesitation that Arnold is Alpha, but I would have my reserve on calling Chuck Norris as Alpha, especially now that he's retired from the Hollywood scene and that age made him a regular chuch-attending citizen.  Arnold, however, is the Governator.  Again, very Alpha in my opinion.

Sam Elliott
Bruce Lee
Mark Whalberg

Again, Hollywood actors that have a lot of Alpha features and deserves the Alpha title.  Elliott was a badass, but didn't achive the same success as Clint Eastwood or other great western movie stars.  Lee was a martial art master who died too young and Whalberg is still in his prime.  Great people, great men.

Vladimir Putin

I was surprized to see Putin in the list.  However, he can't be considered Alpha.  A political leader responsible for the Chechen massacre cannot be considered anything else than a ruthless tyrant.  Furthermore, political freedom in Russia is almost non existant and corruption has increased during his years as President.  Putin is intelligent and strong, but it takes more than that to be Alpha.


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