Friday, September 17, 2010

Follow-up on your input

So I let you time to answer my little trivia and today is the time to answer you.

First, let's see the answers.

Chuck Norris
Arnold Schwartzenegger
Sam Elliot
Steve McQueen
Clint Eastwood (x2)
Bruce Lee
Sean Connery as Bond
Vladimir Putin
Mark Whalberg
King HenryVIII
George Patton

King Henry VIII

Let's start with King Henry VIII just because it's unlikely in a blog about being an Alpha male to stumble upon the name of someone known as an "egotistical, harsh and insecure king1".  However, Henry was also known for better reasons, notably for having separated the Church from the State and confronting the Pope, having 6 wives, 2 of which he had beheaded and when he was younger, he was known as a handsome and intelligent man.  So, Alpha or not?
Well, he was a King.  Even if I don't like it, being King is as Alpha as it gets, unless you use that power to just do nothing and feed yourself to death.  Henry did manage to increase the power of his Kingdom, forge alliances and secure his own authority.  He also was quite popular with the lady, be it because he was the King or because he was handsome and charming, it doesn't really matter, as ladies will always be attracted to power.  So yes, Henry VIII was Alpha, for the first part of his life.  Probably power corrupted him, maybe he just became lazy, but as he grew older, he lost his charm, his image suffered and he wasn'T quite as alpha.  So let's remember the better part of his life for our purpose.

Clint Eastwood

You can't ignore the pure tertosterone that this guy exhales.  Want badass?  Want intelligence and finesse?  Want talent as an actor and director?  Or maybe you're just looking at his characters (Dirty Harry, numerous cowboys he played, the old grunt from Gran Torino or the special agent in "On the Line of Fire") and thinking: "Wow, this is a real man, not a fucking pussy".  Well, it turns out Clint Eastwood has become a wise man too, and learning new life lessons as you grow older is a sign of intelligence.  Check this article about him and you'll see that Mr. Eastwood is a real Alpha Man in real life as he was in his movies.

(I will continue in the next post later today.)


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  2. Henry VIII was pretty bad ass. He created a religion just to divorce his wife.

    But I'm gonna have to go with Clint Eastwood.